Research and Development in enterprises in 2015

Swedish owned enterprise groups conducted R&D worldwide for SEK 76 billion in 2015. This was an increase of nearly SEK 2 billion compared to 2013, at the 2015 price level. The expenditure for R&D in Sweden was SEK 39 billion, a decrease compared to 2013.

The Swedish-owned international enterprise groups carried out R&D for SEK 37 billion abroad, primarily in Europe, Asia and North America. The R&D expenditures in North America increased compared to 2013 but in other parts of the world, the R&D expenditure was about at the same level as in 2013.

R&D in foreign (formerly Swedish) enterprise groups

In 2015 the surveyed foreign-owned enterprise groups’ expenditures were nearly SEK 32 billion in Sweden. The number of R&D person years carried out in the foreign-owned enterprise groups’ amounted to 16 000 in 2015.

R&D in Sweden

The business enterprise sector had the largest R&D expenditure, SEK 95 billion, corresponding to 70 percent of Sweden’s total R&D expenditure in 2015. The higher education sector had the second largest R&D expenditure, amounting to SEK 37 billion, or 27 percent of total R&D expenditure in 2015. The share of R&D expenditure in the government sector was 3 percent, while R&D in the private non-profit sector accounted for less than one percent of Swedish R&D expenditure. Foreign-owned companies carried out about 42 percent of R&D-activities in the Swedish business sector in 2015, an increase compared to 2013. The largest proportions of foreign-owned companies' R&D expenditure in Sweden came from firms, where the parent companies of the group, were located in the UK, Germany, the United States and Netherlands.

Research and Development in enterprises in 2015

Serial number: Statistics 2017:03

Reference number: 2017/083

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